Taking Autism To The Sky (TATTS) project takes flight

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Drone Benefits


A hearty congratulations to Paul Braun whose Kickstarter project was designed to bring joy to others. He has succeeded in his goal and autistic children have built and flown their own drone. With it learning some of the freedoms that come with flight and journeys into their imagination of what they might see. Once they had been taught they had the opportunity to see the earth from the sky for themselves.

The sUAS News hat is firmly tipped to Paul and the team.

“Probably the best way to understand the TATTS project is to read and watch the original post  that we used on KickStarter to spark the awesome fund raising campaign.  That being said, the project continues to evolve as we get new ideas from the kids themselves, parents of those involved and others.  Our current thinking is TATTS is a 3 phase project:

  1. Build the hexarotor
  2. Fly it
  3. Make the movie

The kids have learned to fly on a simulator, built the hexarotor from scratch and successfully flown almost a dozen missions.  We’ve collected a great deal of experiences as well as lots of fantastic video.  Our final step in the project was to make project videos.  One aspect of that was to allow the kids to make their own movie from all the footage.

What kind of movie would you produce if you had 4 GB worth of video footage, several hundred still shots and dozens of songs?  I can guarantee that each movie would be different.  That’s certainly the case with the movies that the kids produced.  They are anywhere from 2-6 minutes each and have only tapped into a portion of all the great footage.  I’d urge you to take the time to watch them.

What amazes me is some of the similarities and stark differences in what each of them produced.  Most kids included the clips of crashing (lots of use of the term ‘epic fail’) and they all tended to include footage of themselves.  Who wouldn’t right?”

Source:  http://www.suasnews.com/2013/09/24944/taking-autism-to-the-sky-tatts-project-children-take-flight/

Read More: http://taking-autism-to-the-sky.blogspot.com/

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